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Weekly Wisdom #3

posted Aug 17, 2010, 1:03 PM by Noel Hanzel   [ updated Aug 17, 2010, 1:04 PM by Quinten Hutchison ]

This installment of Weekly Wisdom covers one of the more frequently encountered (and confusing) calls in ultimate: STALL

The official definition of stalling is “the period of time within which a thrower must release a throw may be timed by the stall count.” That is worded strangely but you all know what it is.

Here are some highlights from Section XIV. The Marker

General  stalling rules

·         The stall count counts with the marker announcing “stalling.” If play stops, it must be restarted with “stalling.”

·         The mark needs to count loudly enough for the thrower to hear- count loudly enough for the defense marking the other handles to hear. It’s a good heads up and good field communication.

·          When the disc is turned over, stall may not be started until the thrower has established a pivot foot.

·         Then the “t” in “ten” is reached, it is a turn over. “8…9…T-STALL” Yell “stall” loudly so play stops. Be proud of your awesome mark.

·         When a turn over occurs, place the disc on the ground. The defense should tap it in and say “in play” (or “disc in”)


When the stall count is interrupted by a call…

·      The thrower and marker agree on the count reached.

·      The count reached is the last number fully uttered by the marker.

·      (NEXT WEEK: specific rules for resuming stall count based on call)


Contesting that stall

·      Stall can be contested if the thrower believes that the disc was released before “T-STALL”