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Weekly Wisdom #28

posted Mar 28, 2011, 8:29 AM by Elizabeth Lehman   [ updated Mar 28, 2011, 8:30 AM by Quinten Hutchison ]


Good job playing this weekend and congratulations to our MVPs and award winners.  Really take some time to think about the weekend – how you played, how we played, and the things that we discussed – and try to work on problem areas (ie- throwing in bad weather).

One thing that we didn’t really discuss in our team huddle, but that we consistently have been having issues with this year, is our team sense of direction.  I’m pretty sure that we’ve had at least one car get lost/show up late to every tournament that we’ve been to and, while amusing, it actually is sort of an issue.  So, this WW is a plethora or tips and hints for the next time you find yourself driving to a tournament.

How to Not Get Lost at an Ultimate Tournament:

1.)     Don’t rely on a GPS

We don’t need no coaches, we don’t need no Garmins.

2.)     Look at a map.

Not the written directions part, the map part.

3.)     Keep an eye out for fellow ultimate players and follow them.

We all know what to look for: hatchbacks with bumper stickers, filled with hooligans wearing trucker hats.

4.)     Know what direction you’re heading.

Be a boy scout and get a compass if you have to.  Don’t drive blindly into oblivion.

5.)     Caravan.

Makes things so much easier.  And it’s more fun, cause you can do stuff like race, and moon each other.  This also means that everyone has to be ready to go on time…

6.)     If you’re driving, you’re responsible for knowing where you’re going.

The navigator is more there for moral support really, and to control the radio.

7.)     Invest in an atlas.

An atlas will alway have satellite signal, and it will never annoy the shit out of you by demanding you make an illegal u-turn in an Australian accent.           

Have a great Monday, and we’ll see everyone at practice this evening!

Your Goby Cap’n Whiskey Warriors,

Noel & Libby