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Weekly Wisdom #23

posted Jan 23, 2011, 7:05 PM by Elizabeth Lehman   [ updated Jan 23, 2011, 7:07 PM by Quinten Hutchison ]
Hope you're all enjoying the remainder of your breaks! This week's Weekly Wisdom is all about picking jersey numbers. This is a serious topic that requires your careful consideration. Shortly you all will have the opportunity to order some sweet new Goby threads. We choose numbers on the team by seniority, but everyone should think about what number they want. If you don't already have your number in mind, you really need to get on it. What makes a good number?

23 is not only one of the greatest numbers of all time because it is both of your captain's birthdays and the inspiration for this Weekly Wisdom, but mostly because it belongs to one of the greatest athletes and most successful basketball players ever. After getting cut from the varsity team his sophomore year in high school, Michael Jordan went on to lead the Chicago Bulls to 6 NBA Championships. Why did Michael Jordan wear number 23? His older brother wore 45 and he felt he had half of his brother skill. Since 22.5 isn't a legal number he picked 23. You know the infamous Cavalier who attempted to wear 23. He failed to live up to those standards, so he changed his number and moved out of state in shame. Pick your number wisely. 

So what makes a good number? If you don't already have a number you'll know it when you see it. And for those of you that already have a number, you totally know what I'm rambling on about. When you see someone else wearing your number, it doesn't look right because it's your number not their's. When it pops up on a calc test you get distracted. When you put it on you know it's game time. 

Keep working out! and think about your number some.