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Weekly Wisdom #2

posted Aug 17, 2010, 1:02 PM by Noel Hanzel   [ updated Aug 17, 2010, 1:05 PM by Quinten Hutchison ]

"Thou shall go to the best perspective if thy mind is unclear"

This week's wisdom is going to shed some light on who gets to make the call about whether a receiver is in or out of bounds after making a catch.  From Section 15: The Receiver, of the 11th edition:
If it is unclear whether a catch was made before the disc contacted the ground (grass is considered part of the ground), or whether a player's first point of ground contact after catching the disc was in- or out-of-bounds or in or out of the end zone, the player with the best perspective makes the call."

Well, what is the best perspective, you may ask.....
Best perspective: The most complete view available by a player that includes the relative positions of the disc, ground, players, and line markers involved in a play. On an unlined field, this may require sighting from one field marker to another. (From Section 2: Definitions)

If the best perspective is really not that great, and no one can seem to make the call:
If a dispute arises concerning an infraction or the outcome of a play (e.g., a catch where no one had a good perspective), and the teams cannot come to a satisfactory resolution, play stops, and the disc is returned to the thrower and put into play with a check (VIII.D), with the count reached plus one or at six if over five.  (From Section 16: Violations & Fouls)

Regardless of the situation or the call that's being made if we want our calls to be respected, we need to respect the calls of other teams. Understanding these rules will help you to know when it's your call and when its not. Keep it classy.