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Weekly Wisdom #14

posted Sep 21, 2010, 10:20 PM by Noel Hanzel   [ updated Sep 21, 2010, 10:20 PM by Quinten Hutchison ]
Goby Warriors -

Sorry this is late, you have slackers for captains.  

But this weeks Weekly Wisdom is going be a quick vocab lesson of some of the calls that you may hear reverberating across the pitch over the course of a tournament, what they mean, and how you should react.

1.) FOUL - Someone got fouled.  Repeat the call until play stops, if you committed the foul: 'fess up.  If you're on the mark - stall count goes to zero.  If they think you committed the foul, but really you didn't: contest that shit.  Stall count starts where you left off.  If the foul is elsewhere - wait for everyone to duke it out, chat up the person you're guarding/the person guarding you, then continue play.

2.) PICK - Someone got picked.  Aka - the defender had to run around an obstacle (a tree, a hurdle, a pit of cobras, another player) in order to stay with her girl.  Repeat the call til the play stops.  The person who got picked gets to catch up with their offender.  IMPORTANT--Make sure you always, always, always catch the disc after a pick is called - if it's in the air when the pick is called and the play isn't repeated, it's a turn.

3.) CHECK FEET - Courtesy thing, called if the person that just caught the disc could possibly be out of bounds - everything kind of just hesitates for a second while the person with the disc's position is verified.

4.) STRIKE - Often called by a defender when the person they are guarding makes a strike cut, letting the person on the mark know, so they can slide over and block the force side throw for a count.

5.) NO BIG - Again, called by a defender when they are getting smoked deep by their offender - letting the mark know that they shouldn't give the thrower the huck.

5.) UP - The disc was thrown.  Look up, find the disc.

6.) FIRE - Stop, drop, roll.  Also this tells a zone defense to transition to man defense (we haven't gone over zone yet, but it's coming soon.... just a bit of a teaser.)

7.) CHILLY - Directed toward the person with the disc - telling them to calm down, look for your dump, don't get frantic, don't forget how to throw the disc.

There's more, but that's a good enough sampling for this week.  
Don't forget:  Practice tomorrow, team dinner on Thursday, Respond to Alexis's e-mail saying you're going this weekend, Gobies are the best.