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Weekly Wisdom #12

posted Sep 6, 2010, 7:30 PM by Noel Hanzel   [ updated Sep 6, 2010, 7:30 PM by Quinten Hutchison ]
Weekly Wisdom #12

The flow of ultimate offense is an art form that comes with practice and experience.  And although we know that we are superb instructors of this art (ahem, not really), in order to better orient the team with the offensive wonders of ultimate, we will be utilizing the Ultimate Handbook.

This handbook is an online forum/blog that contains a ton of about game strategy of ultimate.  Really really, it's good stuff.  Anytime you have a free second and you find yourself perusing facebook, we encourage you to resist farmville and instead read up on a little German endzone offense or maybe even some L stack isolation.

This week we really would like to emphasize reading up on the Horizontal Stack section of the handbook.  It explains how the ho stack works and why it works - all complete with some baller flash illustration diagrams that look way better then anything we could ever draw on a whiteboard.

Again, we encourage everyone to look at the entire website whenever you get the chance but for now really focus on the Ho stack section as we're going to try to really drill this in the upcoming practices.

Hope everyone had a nice 3-day weekend, and we'll see everyone at 8:30 on Wednesday

- Noel & Libby