Weekly Wisdom - Vol. 2, Issue 3

posted Jan 3, 2012, 10:43 AM by Noel Hanzel   [ updated Jan 3, 2012, 10:43 AM by Quinten Hutchison ]
Due to some negotiations and pay offs, actually not really..., Erica has graciously allowed me to post my  weekly wisdom this week instead of during my designated week. I just gotz too excited to share this stuff with you guys and couldn't wait two weeks.

We've all heard the saying, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", well that isn't always true for fitness. Actually, that isn't true at all and it can actually hurt you when it comes to making any sort of physical gains, which is a real bummer 

So instead of falling into this trap, here are multiple aspects that can be shuffled to avoid this problem...
(Feel free to skip to the highlights if you don't want to read all of this. I know it's prettyyyy long, I kinda got a little carried away/really enjoy this stuff so sorry about that...)

1. Feel the burn... Physical Aspect
So we, as humans, are all creatures of habit and our bodies are willing to adjust to any changes it might encounter just so that it doesn't have to work as hard. One activity that the body is really good at compensating at is any sort of physical activity, ie lifting, running, etc. But fortunately two can play at this game and the winner can, and will, be you. How might you win at this game you may ask? Answer: Trickery. 
So on average it takes the body anywhere from 4 - 6 weeks (disclosure: this time span can vary from person to person, but this is just the average) to become accustomed to your current workout plan and at that point the you will most likely hit a plateau in your gains, ie you won't increase your reps, weight, etc. You are officially stuck . At this point you need a new workout and don't freak out if you think you have to start completely from scratch, because you don't. There are several different "tricks" that you can implement to fool your body into trying to compensate for the changes you have made and thus making you HUGEEE and cough cough make it to nationals . Some minor changes that can be made include changing the number of reps and sets, rest time between sets and individual exercises, and switching up which group of muscles you work early in the week and later in the week. These changes will produce minor improvement in your physical gains, and even though they are minor improvements they need to be included in your new workout, but the most major change possible is in the selection of exercises. For example a popular exercise is the squat and should be a staple in anyone's workout plan. However, after a while your body will catch on that it's your favvv exercise, or at least one of mine, so try some other exercises that are equivalent. So instead of squats, try a single leg squat, wide stance squat, deadlift, sumo squat, etc etc etc, but the point is that the same muscles are being worked, glutes, quads, hams, hip flexors, but not necessarily in the same way. This presents two positive outcomes: 1. you are tricking your body to compensate and produce gains 2. by using different exercises, muscles are either worked in a different way, or some muscles are being used that aren't normally used and thus you become more "balanced" and "even" physically.
2. Andddd cue the boredom...Mental Aspect
I think it is safe to say that just getting up and actually going to workout is the hardest part for most people. Well this task can become 908273459016830247 times harder if boredom starts to set in. You have a better chance of continuing and enjoying your workout if you are not bored, but then again I think that can be said for pretty much anything. To counter this terrible predicament, switch up your workout. Now switching your workout isn't necessarily to focus on physical gain, even though they will come because you are making changes, it's more to make you excited to work out. For example, if you enjoy running the speed ladder or cones, one of my fav again, try using a different combination of drills, or even better a different surface like sand or up a hill. The point is that mentally this is something different for you to look forward to doing and it should give you more motivation to go and workout because let's face it no matter how perfect our workout might be if we don't actually use it there is no point. 

3.Everyday I'm shufflin...Music Aspect
Yes, I'm devoting a portion of this very lengthy weekly wisdom to music, but then again who doesn't love a good tune that gets you SUPER UBER pumped up that you could potentially break 2x4s across your head, run two marathons in a row, and break cinderblocks with your bare hands? It might seem ridiculous, but it has been shown that music can play a very influential part in your workout and because of this your music needs to actually be put on shuffle. Literally. By changing your tunes you can become more excited to workout because you have new music to look forward to, just as stated in the section above. 
(for the ones that wanted to be more efficient with their time here ya go)
  • switching up your workout will...
    • yield physical gains
      • switch reps, sets, time, days, exercises
    • eliminate boredom
      • look forward to different exercises, routes, surfaces
    • change up your musical selection
      • excuse for more music 
    • help us take one more step to make it to nationals 

With much Lady Goby love, actually it's more like an obsession ,

P.S. ~ I think I've said this wayyy too many times, but just in case if any of you have ANYYYY, and I'm emphasizing ANNYY, questions please don't hesitate to email, text, call, fax, page, smoke signal, morning dove delivery, visit, teleport, etc etc... you get the point.