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Poultry Days 2015

Another Poultry Days has come and gone. Case of Salmonella had a great Saturday, dropping our first game mostly due to being sleepy (ie. hungover). We then closed out the day strong, finishing 4-1. Our frisbee team was led by lots of play makers and disc throwers, and our drinking team was led by Jacob Lunn. For interested parties, he did in fact survive his 21st birthday weekend in Versailles. Just barely. 

Saturday night was started off by the egg eating contest. Everyone except me prepped by drinking lots and playing lots of games and of course; having a chicken dinner. I ate 19 eggs. And promptly yakked. But the 19 was enough to clinch second place! Collectively Case of Salmonella raised just over $1550!! The Cleveland team took first, raising over $3000... But their guy only ate 11 eggs, so I'll claim a tiny moral victory there. 

After much shenanigans and visits to the last ever Meyersville, we awoke on Sunday ready to play. Sorta. We were an hour late for each round. But we did win a bunch of games!!! We ended up taking second in the B bracket, which PK tells me is the highest Case has finished ever. After going 7-2 on the weekend, everyone was exhausted but so happy that we played far above our seeding, finishing 18th of 60, having entered the tournament seeded 60th of 60. Kristin Bolte and Jake Arwe were voted as MVPs, and a special thank you to PK and Dan Young for organizing.