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Potlatch 2014

Thursday, July 3rd. JohnBear arrives with the Madtown Boozehounds, who do Potlatch right. On a walkaround the fields, I hear the familiar whiny voice of Shane Sheldon complaining about how he can't find anybody. He's been cast aside and not invited to houses downtown, where we can only hope drinking is happening. We say 'hi', and I continue on my way.

Friday morning, nursing a hangover on a return from perusing merch, I run into Mac, who is wandering around looking for a campsite because the Fogies are arriving on FRIDAY MORNING, which is way too late to find a campsite. Fortunately, I staked off a decent sized patch of area in the penthouse suite next to the Boozehounds because I'm a nice guy like that. During a first-round bye, Fogies arrive and set up camp.

Friday games - dominate.
Friday night - a couple of chumps challenge me and Noel to cups. We almost lose by a lot until I come back some 13 points in redemption time and sadly lose by one. Will Benish challenges me and my friend Ashley to a conversation of 'what part of your life are you ashamed of or makes you feel like less of a person'. Bonding occurs.
Saturday games - dominate.
Saturday night - party at RedHook Brewery. Fogies are too lame to have anyone silver enough to enter the costume contest. Party is shut down too early because of some stupid special event. Back at camp, shoulder tap happens and Will Benish tells the amazing history of 'Turn Down for What'.
Sunday games - dominate.

Somewhere along the way I realize the new prop is a staff with a disc attached to the top with some mechanism to drink out of, which isn't nearly as cool as the ark, which was made last year on my suggestion.

That's all I've got (may have been out of it most of the weekend). Will I love you.