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Potlach 2011

Games from 9am to 3pm. 2 wins, 1 loss. Loss was a tight one to a DC team, I think 15-12.
Memorable games from our opponents? There was a space ship from which we drank something orangey. 

last 2 rounds on bye where we drank beer, wen to shower, and otherwise lazed around to ~ 6:30
Went to party/dinner at Red Hook. Ate salmon and played beer friz. Got a few other teams to play, drank too much, played too long. Laid out on pavement and still missed the disc in the dark. But did not throw up. What were the rest of you doing anyway?

Shake off hangover.
3rd and 5th round byes, games from 9am to 5pm or so.
Ate Wendy's during 3rd round bye but did not puke.
Lost (came out so flat, valiant comeback only to fall apart at the end when we got it within 1), won (we were just way more talented), lost (they were more talented, still kept it close, I think 15-11, our worst loss of the weekend).

A memorable game here was tossing a frisbee at a contraption where if you hit a certain panel, a valve would open in a beer bong and a waiting teammate would have to drink. Dan and Elaine both were surprised by the hit. Dan got soaked and drank a little, I think Elaine missed it almost completely. Which is worse?

We ate pizza at the fields and played beer box for a few hours. 30+ year-olds went 4-0. In your faces young peeps. Best performance for tasks probably goes to Libby for the women: spiking disk on Stanford huddle and the Baywatch scene. I'd vote Evan for the men for the pizza box in the tree and the flag waving. Can we get some pics of those?

Showers and then drinking late into the night. Learned Neil and Ashley should not play 'never have I ever'. Learned Noel should not be near whiskey. Learned Dimitry has a good singing voice when he's drunk. Or maybe when I'm drunk. Learned Elaine had not seen Princess Bride.

Shake off worse hangover. We're the #1 seed in the D pool. 
1st round game we are flat again. Something about drinking too much. Played a bunch of Carelton alumn, again we came back but lost like 15-12.
We are punished with a bye during which we take down tents and sit around working on hangover cures. We are also punished by watching Wendy bite and then wear pink underwear. Tess's performance was funny but less punishing.
2nd round we destroy a Seattle League team.
Libby steals my Miller Lite and makes me drink a Coors during a game. Not cool.
3rd round we handily beat some team with a few Ohio people on it.
4th round (D pool chumpionship) opponents don't show up. We're the D pool chumps.
Beer or two at the fields as we pack up.
Somehow fit people and gear into cars and eat at the Ram. More beer. Showers and try to watch fireworks in Seattle but mostly fail at that.