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PADAMosh 2004

Sweet time all weekend playing
with everyone and partying the little that we managed
to party. We need more players or more sleep before
the tournament next year. No sleeping at the bar next
year, Paul.
Still, sweet time hanging out at the tourney party,
hot tub, and bar. Got to see more of Philly than I
even have before. He's a little re-cap.

We had a first round bye, which was nice with our late
arrival and for the people coming in Saturday morning.
First game was against a local philly team with a
couple Rage players and the like. Played an intense
game against a good team. We held on to win at double
game point. Schooney scores an easy goal to the break
side to end it.

Second game we dropped a loss to Your Mom - a NYC team
that was really much weaker than the first team we
played. We were clearly working out the kinks from the
group. Almost got the kinks gone by the end of the
game. We were down 10-5 or something and came back to
12-11 before they put us away.

3rd game was shortened to get us back on schedule and
we squashed a college team pretty handily.

4th game was reasonably close but never in doubt. Went
3-1, and since Your Mom went 2-2 we won the pool

They have free beer, pizza and a field house to eat
and drink in at the fields, so we hung out there for a
while. Then hot tubbing at the hotel, out to eat at a
bar and passing out in the hotel.

Sunday our first matchup was against an actual co-ed
team. We kept it close at first but we started looking
tired. I'd say our advantage all weekend was that we
took pretty good care of the disc and most of the
teams we played turned it over enough on their own
that we'd win. We forced some takeaways, but they were
giving it away a lot, too. That and we had 5 excellent
women which almost no team we played could match. This
team didn't turn it over nearly as much, they played
like a real team instead of a pickup group.

We lost that one like 13-8 or so, and then got a
revenge game against Your Mom. This time we spanked
them right from the begining. We got a few D's right
outside their endzone, they dropped a pull, and we
started rolling. We won like 13-8.

So Sunday we finished up with the beers we had been
too tired to drink Saturday night. A couple shotgun
races with the teams that were around, a little
gauntlet running and a little cower, then a little
trip for cheesesteaks.

I brought my new video camera with me for the weekend,
hopefully I'll soon figure out how to get a few
minutes of tape off of it and onto a computer. When I
get that working I'll share it with y'all.

Thank to all who came, I had a sweet time. Maybe we
should hit up Fool's Fest in DC next, in early April.
It's 3 days, which would be fun for a reunion team.
Good tournament, too.