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We did well, starting at about the ~35th seed and ending tied for 19th. We got stuck in a tough pool on Saturday due to the low seed, and lost a bunch of close ones. On Sunday we beat up our pre-quarters opponent, and played a barnburner against His & Hers, a powerful real co-ed team. It was windy, I lost the flip, but then their captain chose the pull. I happily chose the upwind endzone to receive the disk, and start the game going downwind, and good thing, too. Both teams scored about 3 upwinders during the course of the game, with ours coming early and theirs coming late. The game finished at the cap, with CWRU Alumns winning it by 1 point. Both teams had the same number of turnovers, but we scored first and last. The TD was pretty amazed
we beat His & Hers - cool game. We seemed to run out of gas in the Semi's of the B bracket. The team we played was excellent - I'm surprised they hadn't made the A division. I don't remember much about the game except that we seemed to lose our ability to work it upwind. Also, a big thank you to everyone that came. I had a great time - even when I was cold and wet. Some great plays and much fun.