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PADA Mosh 2013

Hey Fogies!

Just got back from our triumphant return to PADA Mosh! It was a fucking blast! We had very few Fogies make the trip this year (PK, Wendy, Saylor, Will Link, Ryan Franz, Joe, Libby, Kumi, Chris Hung, Ilana, and myself (Dima)) but we had some awesome pickups (Malloy, Zurbo, Julia, and Tim). We came into the tournament seeded 4th in our pool and 39th out of 40 overall. 

Saturday was a gorgeous day and we had 3 straight games - 9, 11, and 1. We started out playing only 5-2 against the Jimmy Changas. They kept setting a zone and we kept breaking it on our way to a relatively easy, 15-11 win. We then switched fields to play the 1 seed in our pool (for whatever that's worth). We had our full complement of ladies by now and played the tourney-standard 4-3. After going down 4-6, we really turned it on and took half 8-5. However, Taser Clan would not go away easily. They tied it back up at 11's, before we were able to break them a few more times for the capped, 14-11 victory. We then had a mini bye (like 45 minutes) until our next game against Tramp Stamp. In true Fogie style, we spent those 45 minutes enjoying various libations. This definitely showed in our next game as we were quickly down 2-6. We were having trouble executing our zone O and any kind of deep D. However, we then got our shit together and reeled off 11 points in a row to go up 13-6. We traded the rest of the way to a 15-8 win. Great fucking 3-0 Saturday for the Fogies!

On Sunday, we had both a first round bye (winning=sleep!) and the extra hour from daylight savings. We of course used this time for a delicious local breakfast and did not get to the fields until about 10:45. We again went down 2-6 and again came back. This time it was not 11 straight, but it still a very respectable 5. We took half 8-7, but could not capitalize in the second half. We lost the game 14-10 and dropped down to the casual 5th place bracket. We took on Down to Huck in a close game that we finally pulled away to win 14-12. In the game for casual 5th, both teams wanted to get out of there. We played only to 7 and I played only walking against one of their older/injured guys. However, this did not stop us at all. Only walking, I contributed the 1st and last score on the way to a pretty easy 7-5 victory in which the Fogies never trailed!

For the weekend, we finished 5th in the casual division and 17th overall. We broke seed by 22 spots! Great fucking weekend Fogies!!!!

We also started a Fogies twitter account this weekend - follow us @BightingFogies.