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PADA Mosh 2014

The Fogies traveled to PADA Mosh with high spirits. Little did they know they would awake to flood waters and near freezing temperatures with a steady but gusty wind to welcome them to PADA Mosh 2014.

The Fogies found each other at Field 10 and proceeded to complain about the cold, and the rain, and the wind; and tried their best to drink away their troubles. With their teeth chattering and hands freezing the Fogies proceeded to play as one might expect a team to play in wet, cold, windy conditions. I really can't downplay how wet, cold, and windy it was. After dropping the first game by quite a bit some reinforcements arrived, Chris Hung and Ilana (who had been sitting in her car after being told by the TD that we had a first round bye, basically a conspiracy perpetrated at the highest levels). The Fogies then proceeded to lose that game by quite a bit too.  Some more reinforcements (Sarah and Owen) came for the next game and they proceeded to lose the 3rd game by only a bit. The 4th game, some of the alcohol may have begun to hit the Fogies and they lost the 4th game by a lot a bit. Who would have thought getting so wet could be so miserable.

So an 0-4 first day with lots of uncharacteristic drops and some pretty atrocious throws (i.e. throws from me) made for a rough go of it. BUT going defeated didn't hold down our spirits as we filled milk jugs with beer, ate sandwiches and pretzels, dirty girl scouted fast and furious, devoured Mexican food, and shower shotgunned our way to joy. Oh, and Joe crawled the spank line as congratulations for getting engaged!

With a SUNday filled with sunshine, wind, and some fresh bods (Googs and Dima) we proceeded to win our first game and lose our second. Eric put on a bold face and crawled the spank line as congratulations for getting engaged! Hooks had mercy and ran the gauntlet for our Pittsburgh friend Audrey. The New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland folks took a trip to Victory Brewing (which had a 10' diameter table with a lazy-susan in the middle of it, it was pretty cool).

Thanks to Will Link for organizing everything, our pickups for suffering through the elements with us, Eric for hosting some of us homeless folk, and Chris for originally wrangling us into this silliness 17 years ago.