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Mars 2014

As July 4th weekend approached, all Fogies had a few choices:

1) Go to Mars - a great choice
2) Go to Potlatch - also a great choice (hoping for a good recap from someone who was there)
3) Do nothing - the clearly shitty, worst choice
4) Play for a super lame elite team at Mars and still almost lose to the Fogies twice

For those of us who chose Mars, it was a magical weekend full of winning, gin bucket, dancing, summer shandy, butt grab, and Primanti's.

We came out with a great schedule for days 1 and 2 - last round bye on Friday and 1st round bye on Saturday. Determined to take advantage of our bye, we came out drinking hard right away Friday...all except for Mike Saylor. He had enjoyed the pierogi party a little too much on Thursday and showed up late. Along with drinking hard, we actually played some great ultimate and beat some Philly team 15-10 in a game in which we built a big lead and held it. In game 2, we faced a Rochester alum team. This game proved to be no contest. We both outdrank them and outplayed them for another easy 15-7 win. Our last game of Friday actually proved to be a real challenge. We played a DC mixed team that showed up looking to win. After taking turns going up by a couple, they managed to tie it up at 12s. They were about 10 yards out with the disc when we realized it was universe point. Luckily, Owen did Owen things and got a D. And Jacob Lunn, playing his 1st point of the game, threw an easy score to take the game. 3-0 on Friday and drinking hard already! Doing a daily gauntlet run, Hooks volunteered to run for Luda and was promptly obliterated by discs.

Friday afternoon began with a power move from Brady - offering up his neighbor's pool. We all headed to their house to enjoy some swimming and yuengling. Pool beer box was discussed at length with many variations proposed, but in the end, did not end up happening. We returned to the fields and began a huge game of frisbee baseball. We eventually made our way to the dance pavilion where flip cup and boom commenced. The ladies team definitely beat the gents in much as it hurts me to admit it. Dancing happened and the night ended with some rousing disney sing alongs by our tents.

Saturday morning dawned at some point. Luckily we had that first round bye so we had some time to kill. This was mostly used to eat breakfast - taco bell was a popular choice. For future reference, the waffle taco is mediocre at best but the breakfast crunchwrap is legit. Around 12, we actually had to play ultimate again. Our opponents today were much better. We first played a really good and tall Pittsburgh team. We were staying with them pretty well until they decided to just take over and won 15-10. We then took on a much less good Pittsburgh team. These guys actually thought they could beat me in flip cup. So just like 2 years ago, I had to teach them a lesson. I first played them 7 on 1 to win the pull. I then played one of their players 1 on 1 with 7 cups to win side. Later, while we were beating them in ultimate, I beat some other guy 1 on 1 with 5 cups. Final game score was 15-11 but it never really seemed too close. Our last game on Saturday came against a team full of traitors - well just Kumi and Libby. We played an extremely close game against them which def pissed some of their players off. There was a lot of score confusion and way too many awful travel calls. We did slightly make up for it with Lunn's hopping hammer for a score after like 3 shitty travels in one point. They beat us in the end like 15-13, but we had the last laugh as Kumi had to run the gauntlet. 

However, we were not daunted at all. We promptly collected ourselves for some showering and then some Primanti's Bros. Primanti's was delicious. We also played a fuck ton of "What are the odds" here. Highlights include - JC drinking 2 large rubber ducky drinks, me having to eat a bunch of fries with no hands, Mike F losing and having to chug 2 beers. Unrelatedly, Dan Young - buffalo. We returned to the fields after some crucial liquor store stops. I discovered an entire handle of Long Island and decided that would be my jam Saturday night. Meanwhile, Hooks and Lunn created a gin bucket because they love us. Heavy drinking of gin bucket and beer commenced. Erica did a 4 turkey baster of gin bucket dizzy bat round like a pro. I followed up with a 7 because I'm a little bigger than her. Gin bucket lasted maybe 2 hrs...and it was a big bucket. :-) We then proceeded to the dance floor where karaoke was going on. Apparently someone sang Total Eclipse of the Heart so well that Link is still in awe. We also played some fun, challenge flip cup. Challenges included - 10 pushups, stealing someone's hat, slapping someone's ass, twirling someone around, and more. I def finished the handle of Long Island. Mike Saylor danced with so many people I doubt he could keep count. Wizard won a blind competition for best butt (as judged by Erica and Luda). The cops were called on the tourney for being too loud. And then Mike F almost got us arrested for laughing too loud. Eventually people passed out. 

Sunday morning appeared and we had to start way too early - like 10 AM. What bullshit. Plus we had to play Kumi's team again. We played more hungover and lost 15-10. A lot less shitty travel calls in this game though. Then I really fucked up. I went to check and I thought that we were done for the day, so JC ran the gauntlet much to his dismay. Beer box was prepared and was about to begin when some Akron team showed up to play us. Oops. None of us really had our heads in the game and ended up losing by like 3 or 4. We finished the weekend tied for 7th. 

As people slowly departed, we def played more dizzy bat. Some highlights here include Bayunt having to go like 4 times and Sharon putting the biggest dent of all into her beer can. Lots of butt grab happened.

Overall, the weekend was a fucking blast. I will leave you all with just one question - turn down for what?