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Mars 2013

Green Fish Blue Fish took home the spirit award (essentially the epicenter of good vibrations) and the runner up for the chumpionship bracket at Mars 2013. Danny Young flexed his forearms and sent beautiful hucks to all that felt like scoring deep and was voted our team's spirit mvp.

The showers were awesome with real-life warm water and supposedly individual shower stalls for the ladies (the guys were more like cattle, like Poultry Days).

Day 1 (1-2 on the day)
We started off our day against Eddie Money's Mars team (thankfully for us he hadn't arrived from DC yet). They started off fast and went up pretty big (6-0?). We found our footing and fought back but lost half (8-6). Their team ultimately took the game 15-8or9or10orsomething.

Our next game was against a number of friends from the Cleveland/Erie/Pittsburgh area. The game was uhh... drinking filled. We won in a game that was closer than it should've been, so that's cool. Good spirited game

Game 3 vs WVU alums/currents, we get seriously out-talled by their cutters but manage to trade points nearly the entire game, with a couple breaks and break-backs to keep us within 1. We eventually lose by 2 while mostly staying on serve in the second half. Theme for the weekend established in this game: our girls are seriously 2good and giving them the disc is a good idea. 

We then proceeded to win the extracurriculars with cups, drinking, dancing, singing, etc.

Day 2 (2-1 on the day, but really 3-0)
Perhaps to be forever known as the "Timeout Incident". We ran off to a fast start again against these Pittsburgh club folks, we literally popped their brains out when they tried to throw a zone. We took half 8-6. The teams traded runs of 3 or 4 points. And then universe point came along... Now as shown on the score sheet, we lost. But anyone who was watching the game and saw the fallout knows that that was not the case. Here's the tale: Brady got tired of getting wide open on the unders, so he said to himself "you know it's time to make defender look stupid". So Brady took his fool deep and beat him to the disc by a good 100 yards but was just a foot or two from being in the endzone successfully making his defender look stupid. Unfortunately, after running a 100 yards he had not only left his defender behind but the rest of the players on the field. Being the veteran player that he is, he took a breath, gathered his wits, and called a timeout. Now since we were playing with USAU rules for the tournament, this call was 190% legitimate. However, their sideline lost their shit, immediately screaming that it was a turnover and causing a hubabaloo. Without being sure if it was a turn or not, Brady ultimately let go of the disc (again, it wasn't a real turn and we should have gotten our timeout, confirmation did not come until after the game). They managed to score on their new possession and we lost the game 15-14.

With Nice Shoes Let's Huck, we started off fast slowed down a bit and then sped up again and won the game pretty handily. This team's spirit was comparable to our own and fun was had while playing well. Katy had a sweet bid score.

Sticking with the theme of the weekend. We started off fast against Little Green Men. Slowed down a bit and sped up again to finish the game 15-8 (I think). This team had solid players all the way around and it was inspiring to see everyone pick up their playing to handle them handily. Good fun was had again and they provided us with delicious ice cream cone cupcakes.

We then proceeded to win the extracurriculars with frisbee baseball, drinking, singing, dancing, sharing the pool, etc.

Day 3 (2-1)
We entered the Chumpionship bracket as the 3rd seed on Sunday and decided to run with it.

Sweet revenge was had on MuffnMen Red to the tune of 15-9ish and Brady threw a timeout in their face on GP. It was the clean easy win that should have happened yesterday.

Against Baltimore, we went down 0-4, came back hard to half 7-8, got a deliciously SECRET BREAK (sssh) and multiple breaks afterwards while holding serve to win 13-10. Baller plays by Twang, Justine, Eliana and Danny and great zone offense.
Also according to them nobody on the field is allowed to suggest taking a timeout midpoint because the word "timeout" confuses the defense. "Value" was called a lot.

Against Green Line (DC) in the Chumpionship final, we tried sneak Ed in but captain uglyface asks Brady for a "private word" where in full earshot of the team asks if Ed is on our roster and whatever. Being the truthful team we are we say no. Ed fumed a bit because it isn't his fault for sexually intimidating them. We went 0-3 and then began to take 1 for every 2 of their points, halftime looks grim at 7-3 in a game to 13. Right around this time the game of GauntletDisc begins to pick up the pace on the sidelines while the offense stabilizes. In the next half Dan Young drops a pull, Jake Lunn at some point throws a Callahan as well as multiple throws to the chest of players on the other team, then John Mast gets one himself a couple points later. People continue to scream at each other (in a good way, since we were already conceding), but then with the gamepoint score of 6-12, Case takes 5 points in a row while random guys (Twang, Danny, Brady, John, Lunn) ball out really hard to avoid being "It" at the game's end, lots of shenanigans with the "It" person sneaking onto the field to get someone else. Their team gets mad at each other and lols are had, including one of their guys completely taking out one of their own girls trying to D a breakside assist, she screams at him for being stupid. Eventually we do lose 11-13, but get the spirit award, which is 3 inches bigger than the award for the chumpionship. Size matters.

Danny has to run through the gauntlet for being "It". Ed thought about smiling at the very end of the day but thinks better of it.