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Lei Out 2014

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For those of you who missed it, Lei Out was a great experience. The Fogies, playing under the moniker CWRU Fast CWRU Furious, came out strong on Saturday. We started a little late but it didn't matter as we murdered the first team we played 11-3. We then had a break in the action waiting for our next victim to show up. Despite playing down a girl early, this team refused to quit and were up on us by a few. We then realized that the great, late Paul Walker was counting on us and we turned up the speed and furiousness. We ended up winning this game 11-7. We then had a bye. This was used to wander around the many miles of beach, to explore the depths of the Pacific Ocean, and to enjoy some jizz water...shit, I mean coconut water...and of course some chocolate jizz water, which at least tasted delicious despite still looking like, well chocolate jizz. Finally, we came back to actually play ultimate. This was on a different field, but other than a slightly longer walk to the bathroom, it didn't affect us at all. We continued with our new trend of giving up a few points before turning the game around. We beat some team 11-8 I think. Maybe 11-9. I don't remember exactly. I just know we were better. Same goes for the last team we played on Saturday. We beat them like 11-5.

Saturday night, we proceeded to party like it was Saturday night at a frisbee tournament. After finishing off all the alcohol in our condo, we decided to make the trek to the party. After a ridiculous 1.5 hr wait to get in, Will Link was almost not allowed in for apparently not looking enough like a Fogie. The bouncer was convinced he cut the line and was not going to let him in. Luckily Gabby and Ed somehow saved the day and everyone made it inside. The party was fun and had a lot of potential. However, whomever organized Lei Out somehow only got 6 kegs and liquor for a party for 219 ultimate teams. Listen, we could kill 6 kegs ourselves in a night if we needed to. After the party, we returned to our condo to continue drinking. A highlight here was Shane, the oldest person partying with us, being convinced to drink tequila instead of going to bed. It somehow worked.

All the drinking we did definitely showed on Sunday. We came out slow and were down 10-6 to some Denver team John Bear knew people on. We began coming back but it was not enough and this team beat us 11-9. That put us in the loser's side of the I bracket. We rocked some Dayton team with a pregnant chick on it and then lost to some Boston team in the semis. All in all, a wonderful weekend was had and we all blame Kevin for our losses on Sunday.