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Fools Fest 2015

Good morning Fogies!!!

As I am sure you know, 2015 is a year of celebration and rejoicing for us...capped of with our 20 yr anniversary alumni weekend. 

This past weekend though, we attended WAFC Fools Fest 2015 which we celebrated with song...lots and lots of songs! Our team theme was 80s karaoke and we rocked out some 80s outfits and an awesome speaker and just an overall good time.

Let's get the important stuff out of the way - we played awesome all weekend; we went 7-2 for the weekend; we won mixed div 2; we won with almost all fogies but huge thanks to our pickups CC'd here (Brian, Mike, Jordan, and Julia!). Some team photos are attached. :-)

Anyway, Friday dawned mediocre and rainy. We showed up for the 2nd round (1st round bye!) lower in numbers and high in sobriety. We played Luda's team first and despite our best efforts, we could not convince her to drop the game. We played a lot of good points but couldn't convert enough scores against this Baltimore-based team and lost like 15-6 or something. Then we had the all important Fools Fest 3rd round bye. For those of you who have not been to Fools Fest, the beer garden opens in the 3rd round. As a team, we took full advantage of the delicious and good beer to get thoroughly intoxicated. This was great for our high sobriety levels but less great for our ultimate playing. We came out for our 4th round game and stayed close early on but then looked drunker as the game went on. This good NY team pulled away in the 2nd half to win like 15-8 or something. We spent the rest pf the day enjoying the beer garden and later that night some quality Yak time at the Friday night party at Yak-a-doo's.

Saturday dawned much much colder than we had any right to expect for Fredericksburg in late March...but at least it was sunny. Now fortified with numbers and alcohol, we showed up to the fields in costumes for 4 straight games. We came out against a JMU alum team and played well. We slowly began pulling away and won like 10-6. We next played another Baltimore team. This team had a lot of young talent but they could not break us upwind. We couldn't break them upwind either, but it didn't matter since we won the flip. We took this game 10-9. Our next game was against Fustercluck (yes, the one from Poultry Days) and was a lot more interesting. They came out and got a quick upwind break on us followed by the easy downwinder to go up 3-0. We then turned our shit on. We traded points a bit until we got our upwind break back with the easy downwinder to follow. We then broke them AGAIN to take half 7-6 and to receive going downwind. Cap went on at half so it was game to 9. We scored to go up 8-6 but they refused to end the game when the round ended. Despite both of us having games right then, they wanted to play it out to 9. They scored downwind to make it 8-7 us before we took the game 9-7. The whole game ended up somewhat controversial when they threw an upwind break but traveled to do so. Jordan, one of our awesome pickups, called the travel and then got back on D and almost D'd it. Their guy made a sick grab to control the disc. He threw a quick score but their guy then got mad that we called a travel. This was not the guy who threw the disc. Another guy on the field said "I heard you call it, but who cares? he got back on D." Anyway, long story short, the thrower got the disc back and we got the D and the win. We started our last game pretty late but kept up our winning streak. We got more upwind breaks and took the game like 8-4 or something.We finished the day off with 2 byes in the beer garden. Overall, after pool play, the Fogies were tied for 8th in ultimate (ended up 9th) and 5th in spirit. 

Sunday was warmer and I was now wearing warm clothes. We had a game against the other staff team. This team was a lot of older folks who can all put the disc anywhere. It was not as easy as we had hoped, but we pulled out a win 13-10. After a beer box and Taylor Swift bye, we came out against a good alumni team from RPI. This game was highlighted by a lot of exciting scores. We went up 2-0. They went up 4-2. We traded points until like 13-10 them. Their guy in a dinosaur costume, which looked 100% normal from the front and was really tough to tell he wasn't on dark, refused to play because we won the flip and asked him to put on a white shirt. Being down 13-10, we could have given up. The cap went on to make it hard to 15. And then we decided to keep fighting. We kept laying out on D. Our offense turned super methodical. Every throw was easy and high percentage. We kept scoring to tie it at 14s. And then after another probably layout D, we ran some super easy flow offense to take the game 15-14. Definitely the best game we played all weekend! Finally, we got to the finals. We were playing a UVA alumni team with some elite talent. The game started out even with us basically exchanging points. Then we pulled away by a few. Then we exchanged points some more. And then cap went on. And they never made a run. And we won!!!!!!!! 

Overall, it was a really fun weekend. We played tons of pick-6. Jared probably picked up more yards running back pick-6s all weekend than actually cutting. Mike F not only tore the sleeves of his awesome magenta jacket with his teeth, but kept getting layout D's. Will Link couldn't make it but sent his...friend Jem instead (see photo below). Kevin showed us that old guys have gorgeous on-point hammers. Jordan was awesome and kept catching those tons of other deep looks. Mike, Brian, and Julia were almost always open underneath...especially for late stall count underneath cuts. Diana and Olivia kept making smart cuts that either left them wide open or pulled defenders away against zones to give us lots of yards. Sharon played mad awesome all weekend but especially blacked out in the 2nd round on Friday. I heard later from guys on adjoining fields that they were really impressed watching. Kumi played well all weekend and really took it up a notch in the finals when covering UVA's Scandal player...a matchup that I'd say Kumi def won. Chris and Sarah were constantly open as handlers for resets and constantly moving the disc. Danny looked like he was 13 and was key to all our upwind points on Sunday. Mike, Matt, and Owen were everywhere in the middle of the field. Brady and Ian smartly moved the disc and never let us get trapped in those windy games. Jem looked really pretty and played some really really solid D. I did some stuff...mostly organizing the weekend for us. 

If I missed anything, I trust all of you beautiful people to fill it in.

Get ready for a year of celebrating good times...come on!