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First Night of Flight 2014

Game 1: vs CAKti, Win 13-12
Played a hard game against our friends from Canton/Akron, had a couple early turns and trailed the entire game by a break until the last five minutes. Fogies and Gobies put up 2 in a row to take the lead Time expires and Fogies secure 2nd place in the initial pool.

Game 2: vs. Pitt All-Stars: Loss 9-22
We proceed to get beaten up by Callahan nominees Tyler Degirolamo, Alex Thorne, and Alex Thorne's dad who hasn't played ultimate in 10 years. However, the 9 points we do get end up being crucial to building our teams algorithmic strength because this team was the returning champions and favorite to win the tournament again. Following this, we are seeded 2nd into the play-in pools.

Game 3: vs Jimmy Sucks Less Than He Did Last Year (?): Win 11-6
We played this more fun-ish team from DC a lot more relaxedly and had a good time doing pretty much whatever we wanted to them and explaining the rules from time to time to some of their newer players. They were fun and cheered us at the end. 

Game 4: vs The Glory Hole Scandal: Loss 5-14
The dudes were Truckstop and the ladies were Scandal. They say ultimate is a team were great teams make good teams look like bad teams and man, we looked like a bad team. Still, it was pretty cool to play against more people at the highest level of the sport. Those 5 points we got would also end up being huge to build our teams "perceived tournament strength" or whatever bullshit to seed us as...

Playoff Initial Seed: #4 out of 18 teams. Yeah. Playing the number 1 and number 2 teams in the tournament, getting some points, and upsetting CAKti and winning the the game we were supposed to win made us the 4th strongest team going into the playoffs. At this point, we were guaranteed minimum 6th place, and everyone was feeling pretttttty good.

Game 5: vs CAKti (round 2, Electric Boogaloo): Loss 13-11
Fogies didn't come out like we wanted to win. We went down 4-0 to start the game and spent the rest of the time trying to claw back out. With being up 2 they called a timeout on us which Eli proceeded to manually count second-by-second at their huddle, which probably would have been funny in other circumstances. In any case, they take a well-earned win over us to even the score and Fogies drop to the 5th place game.

Game 6: vs Amazons Prime: Loss 14-11
Esther Chon's and HIMALAYA MEHTA's team. At this point its 4:00am and nobody is really feeling it, Amazons Prime shows up super late to start the game and have to be begged to play us. Some Fogies also ditch at this point. We go down 3-8 before closing the gap to 2 and trailing for the rest of the game. Fogies end the tournament 6th out of 18 after placing 17th last year.