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First Night 2015

The Bighting Fogies had an awesome Friday First Night of Flight. Joining us from out of town were Bharath, Mark, and Matt McGoogan, and picking up with us outside the club were Kristen Poole, Kara Stoever (someone please forward to her), and Victoria Zhang. Big props to Danny who would manhandle quite a few teams after putting in 6 hours at Thunderbirds tryouts the morning before and only getting 30 minutes of sleep before Michael and I made him shotgun.

The night started at 8:45pm with a game against two-time returning champions Team Thorne. Although they lacked both of their Callahan nominees for at least our game, we went down 7-1 before managing to trade points with them and even go on a couple streaks. We'd lose 21-16, but we'd figured out how we wanted to run against the strongest team in the tournament and it was worth it to sort out our kinks. Our bye after this game had us enjoying sneaky shotguns in the parking lot, playing the didgeridoo, and catching up on old times.

The next game would be against Badger Vagina, who I honestly don't remember playing but I'm pretty sure we spanked them.

Game three was a bit more intense and our preparedness showed as we in turn went up approximately 6-0. Spirit took a turn for the worse as Bharath (?) was plowed into by two of their players, and while everyone stopped, Danny recognized that no call had been made and threw an easy score. We were in the right, they stopped play when they shouldn't have, nuff said. Besides, LIKE THEY COULD EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT JUSTINE OR KUMI OR DANI or just about any of the females on our team, holy cow. Unfortunately they were able to take a couple points back on us so we ended up only winning 17-14 after being up quite a lot but I think we were content to not get too emotionally invested in the game and play our offense the way we wanted.

Game 4 was against future finalist Millersville (Joe Lotion's Creamy Hunks), who as it turns out did not bring a single male under 6ft or a female under 5'9. They were big, they were physical, and their small roster gave their players a ton of reps to get rhythm. We traded with them to 8-8 and then between some impatience on our part and them upping their defense we gave away a bunch in a row, dropping the game 20-9. This game was notable again for our females scoring approximately all of our points (though Andy will tell you about how he skied the pants off their stud on a stalled throw). Bharath did also come up with a HUGE F$*#$& SCORE, laying out through a guy and a girl that were both taller than him to come up big on the force side corner. Although it was our worst loss, I think we were all happy with the beginning of that game as well as taking solace in the fact that they had dispatched Tad/Zarobila's team as well.

Game 5 was against Gnarwhals, our Canton/Akron rivals, and despite going up 5-1, we'd drop a bunch to go down 5-8. We took a time out, got our shit together with a called line, and proceeded to trade to a nearly tied game at 12-13. Unfortunately, a high stall throw led to a D and a break with just minutes to go
and despite making it 13-14, the clock ran out on us, putting us at 2-3 and eliminating us from the quarterfinals.

Our last game of the night was against Kitten Mittons (MuffnMen A) and we flexed super hard on them. With crushing skies and a ton of converted breaks we picked up more and more momentum even as day was breaking outside, and between Danny sprinting strike offense while he couldn't even keep his eyes open anymore and Justine D'ing a desperation blade right in front of a dude's face they really had no chance. McGoogan decided to play a whole bunch of offense, Eli decided he was going to be "Mr Endzone Monster" on defense, and I think Kumi was off somewhere playing in the semis or something. We took the game 20-14ish and with a 3-3 record, secured 9th place out of 18. Fun fun night. Check out Justine's album on Facebook if you don't believe me, or just check out all these smiles. Hope to see you there next year!