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Alumni Weekend 2015

So as the ~50 fogies (not including significant others and children) know, we celebrated the club's 20th year with the currents this past weekend at Alumni Weekend 2015.

This is a pretty long email, there is a quick notes section if you don't want to spend a day reading this email.

The great migration of the Fogies began for most on Friday from a variety of locations (NYC, Seattle, Arizona, Florida, San Fran, etc etc) and terminated at the residence of Libby and Kumi on the west side of Cleveland. Libby and Kumi provided an excellent atmosphere for hugs, smiles, and the excitement of the weekend. Thanks to those 2 for hosting!

The following day we conducted the mixed game of alums against currents; in true merciful fashion, the weather held up! The 20th anniversary of the club was epitomized when during introductions Adam Phillips announced his graduation date of 1999, and the current freshman announced their anticipated graduation date of 2019, 20 year difference! The alumni beat up on the currents to the tune of 15-6 or something in that ballpark, anyone have an accurate count? We maintained the field and the lady alums played the lady Gobies, followed by the men alums playing the men Gobies. While these games went on, multiple side mini games ran concurrently. I believe our oldest line included, Adam, Paul Klingler, Andy Bear, Chris Hung, and... does anyone remember the remainder of the line?

The teams moved on to the Jolly Scholar in the early evening. With the restaurant fully reserved to the Gobies/Fogies, there was ample space to relax and get reacquainted with one another. Jim Szpak, the Tans (Sarah and JT), and those too hungover to make the game were able to come out and join in the fun. Many of the Fogies also got their first introduction to the next generation as the children of the alums made many (adorable) appearances. The reunion continued at Ron's house. Thanks for hosting us Ron!

Sunday saw ~25 or so folks somehow drag themselves out of bed to head to Melt to grab what may very well be the ultimate hangover meal. Amelia Hunt and Jake Arwe formed a special bond, when it was found that sometimes babies are just as likely to throw up unexpectedly as a hungover Jacob Hooks.  

Some Quick Notes:
  • First time a 20 year graduation difference were playing against each other at the game
  • Approximately a gajillion hugs occurred
  • Alums defeated the currents in the mixed game!
  • Nobody died, except one little piggy (Noel's toe got broken; luckily, she was able to receive a full medical consultation from the growing number of doctors and nurses on the team!)
  • The day after the game, Cleveland received ~1-2 inches of snow
  • Libby found all her Boggle pieces!
  • Attached is a photo of the combined forces of the Gobies and Fogies at the dinner.

Thank you to everyone that helped out on the weekend. A huge thank you to Remy Niman and Dan Karesh (current Goby president and vice president) who really helped push everything through for the dinner, party, finding fields, etc. and Ron for stepping up to host the party.