Some Logistics

The following are things to be aware of for the tournament:

Don't wear cleats! They won't go into the floor and you'll twist your ankle and probably die.

Games are 5 v 5, on a field that is larger than a beach ultimate field but well shorter and thinner than a normal ultimate field

Games are played to a time cap of 50 minutes, after 50 minutes the game is done (with the exception of a tie in which case one more one point is played)

4-5 games played, 5 games if you finish in the top 4 of pool play, 4 if you finish in the bottom 4 of pool play.

2 pools, 4 teams in each pool, pool play happens, reseedings, championship semifinals (A1 v B2, B1 v A2), consolation games take place, finals happen, we call it a day. See below for format.

 Time  Field    Field  
 12:30 PM  1      A1 v A4  2 A2 v A3 
 1:30 PM  1  B1 v B4  2  B2 v B3
 2:30 PM  1  A1 v A3  2  A2 v A4
 3:30 PM  1  B1 v B3  2  B2 v B4
 4:30 PM  1  A1 v A2  2  A3 v A4
 5:30 PM  1  B1 v B2  2  B3 v B4
 6:30 PM  1  RA1 v RB2  2  RB1 v RA2
 7:30 PM  1  RA3 v RB3  2  RA4 v RB4
 8:30 PM  1  Championship  2  3rd and 4th

Traditional tournament food will be provided (bagels and fruit) as well as some lunch food.

Indoor Rule Variations

  • Stall is 7 seconds, stall will start at Stalling 1 and go to 7 with the "S" in seven indicating a stall.
  • If a disc hits a wall, it comes in on the sideline where it hit. If it hits the ceiling or curtain it will come in directly beneath where it hit.
  • If the disc hits a wall / rafter from the pull it comes to the middle of the field where it hit. Where the pull comes in, if it leaves the back of the endzone, will be indicated on the field.
  • The Contact rule will be in place for the tournament. Ask if you need details on how this rule works.
  • One timeout per game (lasting 30 seconds). May not be called in the final five minutes of the game.