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The Fish Hook Logo

Paraphrased from  Matt "Wendy" Lehman:

For the record that the fish hook one (which was the logo for all five years I was there) barely beat out the evil monkey from family guy in the voting that year. My memory is that during my freshman year, we decided to pick a logo and stick with it for a while, so it would give us better branding or something.  So we had a drawing contest for the logo, complete with prize money for the winner.  Sadly, pretty much all of the logos sucked, so I think the family-guy-monkey was just kinda a joke that got thrown in, but then some people started thinking, well it's kinda better than these crappy fish logos.  I don't think we would've ended up with the monkey even if it had won, but it was sadly close to winning.

From Frank Kearney:

Thank gawd that pointing monkey from family guy didn't win out. WTH was that anyway? I remember some alumni at the time (including me) bitched about it to the undergrads and offended some people. What a blemish in the chain of logos that would have been. Fish, fish, fish, monkey from a pop culture reference, fish, fish, fish..

From John Bear:

It started in Fall 2003 when we got whites with red trim. The fish appeared in a red sunburst. Fall 2004 it reappeared in white with a grey sunburst on a navy background. Fall 2005 I think it was the white pictured, and Fall 2006 it was white on a black jersey.

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