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2000 Series

From Frank Kearney:

Sectionals: I think we earned our first bid to regionals, not getting in when someone else dropped. Partly because the section got 8 bids to regionals that year. Found it on RSD:
1. Ohio State
2. Dayton
3. Ohio U.
4. Oberlin
5. Denison
6.Ohio Wesleyan
7.Case Western A
8. Miami U (OH)

Regionals we were crushed in every game. Steve DiPasquo got hit by the pull in one game. The year of "Fucking pay attention" for the old guys. I think we had a lot of people missing (Kirsh and Garber weren't there I remember) for regionals, for some reason. Anyway: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/rec.sport.disc/east$20plains$20sectionals/rec.sport.disc/EFJCvsgSR8k/aWpAly4kgLwJ