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Nationals Attendees

Congrats to Case and Goby Alums whom have gone on to play in ultimate's biggest games. This list was gathered from emails and what not, please let me know if it is not accurate

 Name Team
 Jim Parinella DoG
 Paul Callaway Machine
 Adam Phillips 
 Frank Kearney 
 Ilana Grubin 
 Chris Hung 
 Fred Sieling 
 Larry Dues 
 Tim Streit 
 William Taylor 
 Tim Lee Magnum (U of M)
 Rose Glinka Heist
 Gabby Markoff Hot Metal
 John Richey Steamboat
 Mike Lyrenmann Steamboat
 Megan Norr Polar Bears
 Noel Hanzel Underground
 Elaine Leung