Back In My Day...

No one can really trace the origins of Case Western Ultimate. Some say it started when man first learned to walk on two legs, while others claim it to be when Benjamin Franklin invented the airfoil. However, the current and most popular theory suggests that Case Ultimate was born as a direct result of the creation of swag, which coincidentally happened at the exact moment Alex "Future" Hunt, CWRU alumnus, exited the womb wearing nothing but stunna shades.

Some time in the 1990s Case Ultimate, then known as the sCWRU-Heads, felt a change of winds was needed to reflect the changing dynamic of the team in the ultimate community. In the wee hours of the night, at one of our famous holiday dinners, the idea was conceived, among other things, to change the identity of Case Ultimate to The Fighting Gobies. 

We haven't looked back since.

The mission of The Fighting Gobies is to create a force so unstoppable, so awesome, so grossly steazy that the jowls of the late Chris Farley will unendingly shake from beyond the grave at even the faintest whisper of the team's name.

Mission Accomplished.

Notable Contributions:

The Fighting Gobies are responsible for creating the drinking version of the game Box, a simple game involving two boxes, a disc, and the highest level of competition.